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I have set the StyleSheet in Designer...

and the preview show the effect what i want, but when it run... the effect is change to default. why ?

    background-color: white;

and the i put it into QStackedWidget, may be the cause of it?

i.e the stylesheet doesn't work...what is the reason ?

Thank you...

Here is the Designer..

enter image description here

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hi there. i actually have the same problem. did you solved it? i only can see color changes in Designer but not in application. –  sherilyn Feb 28 '13 at 7:08

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Could you check in the generated ui file (e.g. ui_basicinfo.h), there is the code that call the setStyleSheet ? Sometimes, the ui code is not updated or there is a multiple ui files of the same class in different subfolders (depending on your project structure).

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you can rebuild the project(Clean,Qmake,build).

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