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I have a value that increases by 1 every 5 views. The MySQL table looks like:

myvalue views increment
10      12    5

For instance, once the views reaches 15, myvalue will change to 11.

I acomplish this by doing:

$div = $myvalue / $increment;
if (ceil($div) == $div) {
    $myvalue = $myvalue + $increment;

What I am trying to do is do a quick calculation that would tell me how many more views to go before the next increment. In this example, I would like to return the number 3, since there are 3 more views until the next time myvalue hits an increment of 5, which is 15.

If myvalue was 10, views was 26 and increment was 25, I need to get the number 24, since there are 24 more views needed before we hit the next increment of 25, which is 50.

Any ideas how to do this?

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wouldn't it be more efficient to just have the views, then do the math as needed. – Dagon Jun 20 '12 at 1:56
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I think you can use this formula

$diff = $increment - ($views % $increment);

And also you original code could be written as

if(($views % $increment) === 0)
  $myvalue += 1; // you said myvalue will increase by one
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$ret = ceil($views / $increment) * $increment - $views;


$ret = $increment - $views % $increment;
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