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I'm trying to use phantom.js custom buildpack on Heroku (https://github.com/stomita/heroku-buildpack-phantomjs)

I followed the directions and created a project with

heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack http://github.com/stomita/heroku-buildpack-phantomjs.git

But when I do that everything seems to go wrong. I initially thought it was some other problem(Heroku run rake db:migrate error with "no such file to load -- bundler/setup") but realized after creating a new app without the buildpack that it is the buildpack that is causing the problem.

Basically when I use the buildpack, everything goes wrong: None of my processes gets launched, bundle process doesn't work, etc.

How can I resolve this issue?

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Without the benefit of seeing any logs, if it is in fact a buildpack issue then you should contact the buildpack maintainer first: @stomita –  Ryan Daigle Jun 20 '12 at 2:48

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This works for me:

  1. Run heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack http://github.com/stomita/heroku-buildpack-phantomjs.git to create a new Heroku app on your Heroku account.
  2. Go to Heroku and find your app repository.
  3. Check out git@heroku.com:stark-mist-2296.git and change into the clone directory.
  4. Run rails new . to create a new blank Rails app.
  5. Change Gemfile to use Postgres on Heroku—pg instead of sqlite3.
  6. Run git push origin master.

You should see a blank Rails app.

It could be that you are not using the pg gem on Heroku.


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