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Is there a way to get HTML contents from TinyMCE editor using jQuery so I can copy this over to another div?

I tried several methods like val() on content but it doesn't seem to be working...

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if you are initilizing with jquery adaptor

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Using jQuery:

<textarea id="content" name="content">

Using TinyMce API:

$('#content').tinymce().activeEditor.getContent() // overall html
$('#content').tinymce().activeEditor.getContent({format : 'text'}) // overall text
$('#content').tinymce().selection.getContent() // selected html
$('#content').tinymce().selection.getContent({format : 'text'})) // selected text
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if you are using tinymce, i would use it's internal methods to get the content you need. when i need to get content within the active editor, i do this:

var rawString = tinyMCE.activeEditor.getContent();

i invoke that method within an event handler function.

here is the documentation:

tinymce api

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Use text(); instead of val();.

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use TinyMCE's API to get it:

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