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I have the following four tables with the following structures

Table A

  ColA1  ColA2  ColA3    ColA4  ColA5
  AA     100      CC     DD       EE

Table B

  ColB1  ColB2  ColB3    ColB4   ColB5
 AA      100     40452   A9       CDE

when these two tables were joined like the following:

 Select colA1,ColA2, ColA3, ColA4, ColB3,ColB4, ColB5
   from table A
        Left outer join 
            (select ColB3, ColB4, ColB5
              from table B
              where colB3 = (select max(colB3) from table B
          on (colA1 = colB1 and ColA2 = col B2);

Now i have to join the next table C with table B

Table C structure is

 ColD1   ColD2   ColD3
  Desc1 A9   Executive
  Desc1 A7   Engineer

I have the common column such as ColD2 and colB4 to get the Col D3

how do i join the existing query + join between table b and table c?

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Not tested but it would be something like given below

 SELECT colA1,ColA2, ColA3, ColA4, ColB3,ColB4, ColB5,ColD3
   FROM table A
            (SELECT ColB3, ColB4, ColB5
              FROM table B
              WHERE colB3 = (SELECT MAX(colB3) FROM table B
          ON (colA1 = colB1 AND ColA2 = col B2)
          ON (colB4=colD2);
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