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AIM: To output the contents of a log file line by line newest at top and oldest at bottom.



$.get(', function(data)
        {         var lines = data.split("\n");
                   $.each(lines, function(n, elem)
                       {        $('#output').append('<div>' + elem + '</div>');



This is all working fine and outputing to DIV as expected, however the bottom line is at the bottom of the div and first line at the top.

QUESTION: How can I change the output to have the last line at the top and first line at bottom?

Thanks in advance.

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Use .reverse().

var lines = data.split("\n").reverse();

Or if there's existing content, and the new content should go on top, use .prepend() instead of .append().

$('#output').prepend('<div>' + elem + '</div>');
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Perfect, Thanks you very much. Legend. –  Rhys Jun 20 '12 at 3:33

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