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I have been reading through the documentation for neo4j and it's components and have yet to come across functionality that lets me query the total number of primitives (nodes, relationships, and properties) in the graph. Does this functionality exist somewhere or am I going to have to write code that traverses the entire graph counting as it goes?

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Thanks for the question! I'm on the Neo4j team, and we currently have commercial tools which report this kind of information. However, an extension of the API is scheduled for the next open source version. For the time being you can use the following non-official API:


where the class would be Node.class, Relationship.class or PropertyStore.class.

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Thanks, was very helpful, but shouldn't getNodeModule() be getNeoModule() –  Kevin Loney Jul 13 '09 at 19:16
Oops, thanks for pointing that out! I updated the code sample. –  nawroth Jul 14 '09 at 6:33
This is now documented in the Neo4j FAQ: wiki.neo4j.org/content/… –  nawroth Jan 15 '10 at 19:54
...which has just been updated, because this API tells you the number of IDs allocated, which is not necessarily the same as the number of primitives in use (because IDs need not be contiguous) –  DNA Dec 12 '11 at 16:51

This worked for me:

import org.neo4j.kernel.impl.nioneo.store.PropertyStore

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