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I would like to rapidly prototype new features for a website. I'm looking for a way to:

  • Build around an existing, complex website
  • Allow for interactivity
  • Ridiculously fast and easy to try out new things

I imagine something that allows me to say "render this website, but on pages with URLs like this, tag on this thing that I'm now drawing with stick figures onto the page, and if somebody clicks on it, move them here".

Or possibly, "here is a screenshot of a website. If somebody clicks in this box, show them this other screenshot".

What do you folks use to prototype website UI features?

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Balsamiq Mockups. So. Freaking. Good.

EDIT: So here's a thread with more information on prototyping:

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Though I guess it doesn't really allow you to "interact" that much. – thebrokencube Jul 10 '09 at 18:40
That's pretty damn amazing! – IanGilham Jul 10 '09 at 18:45

If you want it to be interractive and built on top of an existing website, you could try to use greasmonkey with firefox:

I'm not sure how fast you can make prototypes with this, but you can surely make them interactive. Greasemonkey alow you to modify any web page using javascript.

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Firebug lets you do similar things, if I'm not mistaken. It at least let's you play around with the CSS and stuff in a very robust manner. – thebrokencube Jul 10 '09 at 21:33
Yeah, Firebug is really nice, but the change you make don't stay when you reload. When using greasmonkey, the changes stay as long as you have the script installed. You can also send the script to someone to show him. – Philippe Mongeau Jul 10 '09 at 21:48

I'm not a fan of Balsamiq, but a lot of people like it. If Napkee launches, together with Balsamiq it'll be what you're looking for.

An alternative would be Fireworks -- it can easily export to HTML, but the learning curve is steeper than Balsamiq.

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Holy snaps. Napkee looks amazing! Can't wait until it launches. – thebrokencube Jul 10 '09 at 19:11

try clickframes- a way to write text-prototypes in xml, that render out to websites that you can click through.

surprisingly effective- at a demo they wrote up an application specification (appspec) and then generated a seam-based website.

they tried balsamiq and it didn't work for them.

from their website:

"For Designers

User experience professionals use Clickframes to rapidly spec and prototype the interactivity of their designs, and to communicate the design to collaborators as well as project stakeholders. When the design has been refined, Clickframes facilitates communication with the developers who will implement the application."

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I like http:/ - it's got nice UX and design is also inetersting tool its very fast, its got clean look and its super easy to create prototypes with it

chceck out it's a noice blog on wireframes

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Pencil is quite good and free! It can be downloaded as a standalone app or as a firefox plugin.

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Check out ProtoShare again: much faster since about 2010, stencils and widgets library and much more flexible than balsamiq. If you want control over how your prototype looks, and want interactivity and easy collaboration and review use ProtoShare instead of Balsamiq.

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You could try protoshare.

Downsides: a bit sluggish, requires credit card details for free trial. Upsides: collaborative features, cheaper than axure.

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You can try ForeUI, here is a created sample prototype.

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Using Mockuptiger, You can either import your photoshop images or website screenshots and then link them together with clickable links or buttons.

MockupTiger is a web based application that you can host it on your own server. It has widgets to build web applications and Dashboard Wireframes.

NOTE: works only with latest browsers. You can also download and use on your desktop.

PS: I am the developer of this software

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I do my prototypes when it comes to WordPress themes/sites with the plugin from It is the fastest way i think to see how a website would look in reality, test and get a feel how it will look. Also sometime i use it for production.

UI for prototype CSS

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