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I actually pass employee id of a single employee and that it generate report for employee but how can i do this if there are multiple employee having same criteria . if store procedure generation multiple employee data than That much reports should be generated.As i am new to this, help me out.... Thanks :)

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Hi I have the same requirement - I want to know how to reuse a SSRS report to show multiple times in Report Viewer by passing multiple id's (ideally without changing the report to accept multiple id's). –  Chris Moutray Jun 21 '12 at 8:55

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If you are trying to print each employee that match your criteria, assuming you're using a rdlc file in visual studio you just have to use a List from the toolbox menu, it will group your employees by your criteria.

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Can you put some code so that i will update it


There are some portions in a report. Report header, report footer, page header, page footer and then content header and detail now you have to design your report in such a way that you have to group employee id. Grouping is very important in reports.

You can easily find what i have mentioned.

You have to mention what reporting tool you are using then i will give you more detail

Here are some useful links

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