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Thanks to some help I received yesterday I've got some dynamic summing working on an HTML table based on user input and selections from a select menu. i've run into one problem though that's stumped me. If you look at my jsfiddle:


if you enter data as follows: Row 1: Fruit= Apple Qty = 100 Rwo 2: Fruit= Banana Qty = 200

Everything works as expected for the totals:

Total Apples 100 Total Bananas 200

If you now change Row 1 Fruit selection from Apple to Banance the sub totals are now:

Total Apples 100 Total Bananas 300

The Bananas total has updated correctly but the Apples total hasn't changed - it should now be zero/0.

Any ideas what this is happening?

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Update: Here's a jsFiddle of what I meant since it was unclear before

At the beginning of the calc function you should reset everything back to zero. The issue is that you only reset to zero if one of the fruits is selected in a drop down. In your case apple wasn't selected so it was never reset! Hope this helps.

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var total = {}; seems properly reset at the beginning of each calc (before the iteration) for me. –  Fabrício Matté Jun 20 '12 at 4:52
That doesn't reset anything though. That just creates a clear list if he never puts apple into it it will not update. He needs to set total = {banana: 0, apple: 0, mangoes: 0] so that he can loop through and show them as zero. (or better yet just –  Hexxagonal Jun 21 '12 at 12:51
Adding a jsFiddle to make it clear –  Hexxagonal Jun 21 '12 at 12:55
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In your code you're only updating the sum that matches the val, in other words, you need to reset the values first. Add a class to your spans which hold the totals.

<span id="sumApples" class="sum"></span>
<span id="sumBanana" class="sum"></span>

And then reset:

for(val in total){
        $('.sum').html(''); // Reset
        $('#sum' + val).html(total[val]);
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Here's your mistake:

for(val in total){

You're only setting the html for the properties of total, so as there are no bananas after you change the only select with banana, the bananas total won't be updated as total['banana'] isn't set!

Here's a fix:

$('.fruit select:first option').each(function() {
    val = $(this).text();
        total[val] = 0;

This will grab all options from the first select and check if total has each of its options as properties, adding the lacking properties with value 0.


If you want to check against all selects' options, remove the :first from the selector.

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