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I have a project, it uses maven and work's fine. But sometime ago I decide to change my JDK from 1.6007 to 1.6032 version. And presumably after changing JDK, my Maven build .war with old .class files. Even after cleaning project I get files dated by 24.05(date when I change JDK), but I compiled them TODAY. NOTE: all problems are related with .war file (may be with maven-war-plugin, but I don't change properties of plugin since it work fine), because I also use Jetty as local web-server for testing, and in Jetty all works fine. Thanks,

EDIT: I noticed that when I run package goal, maven always use different JDK versions (I see it in Eclipse console)

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It is one thing to update JDK on your system and another for maven to know this. Possibly your JAVA_HOME still points to the older JDK? –  Raghuram Jun 20 '12 at 5:28
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Did you change the compiler version for maven-compiler-plugin

          <executable><!-- path-to-javac --></executable>
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