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I have a thrust device_vector. I want to cast it to a raw pointer so that I can pass it to a kernel. How can I do so?

thrust::device_vector<int> dv(10);
kernel<<<bl,tpb>>>(pass raw)
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You can do this using thrust::raw_pointer_cast. The device vector class has a member function data which will return a thrust::device_ptr to the memory held by the vector, which can be cast, something like this:

thrust::device_vector<int> dv(10);

int * dv_ptr = thrust::raw_pointer_cast(dv.data());


(disclaimer: written in browser, never compiled, never tested). There is a full working example of this included with thrust: unwrap_pointer.cu

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I wonder if there is possible to make the simply following:

int *ptr = &dv[0];

when dv is allocated in device.

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This is not an answer to the question. –  Rohit Gupta Jun 11 at 0:12

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