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I have created a jqueryUI drag drop list. Now, i need to remove an object from it. I have used the following function for it:

function remove(el) {
$(el).parent().parent().effect("highlight", {color: "#ff0000"}, 1000);
setTimeout(function() {

And this is the code(the remove(this) function) through which this function is executed:

var html = '<div class="item i">';
html = html + '<div class="divrm">';
html = html + '<a onclick="remove(this)" class="remove '+itemid+'">&times;</a>';
html = html + '<div/>'+item+'</div>';

Suppose I have an element like this:

<div class="item" id="i2">
<img src="img/2.jpg"/>
<label class="title">Title</label>
<label class="weight">Heavy</label>

Now in the remove function, i need the text between the label having ".title" class. How can i do that? I have tried this but it does not seem to be working:

var remtitle = $(el).parent().parent().find(".title").val();

What am i doing wrong? I am fairly new to jquery so it might be an amateur mistake.

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Ugh, inline javascript within a javascript string? I would start tracking down the problem from there... – elclanrs Jun 20 '12 at 6:02
have you tried .text()? – JR Galia Jun 20 '12 at 6:02
The .text() also works.. Thanks for your help! :) – Vatsal Juneja Jun 20 '12 at 6:16

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Use html() or text() instead of val() since a lable isn't an input type:

var remtitle = $(el).closest('.item').find(".title").html();

Notice that addition of closest() function also, it helps find a parent easily rather than using parent() again and again. Also make sure to put your code in jQuery ready() handler.

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Thanks.. The closest() function is good for accessing parent elements! Especially since there is very not much need of thinking about the complete DOM tree for finding the parent element. – Vatsal Juneja Jun 20 '12 at 6:19

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