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sometimes I have some problems when I try to push my code to github. Let me explain the scenario:

I work with only master branch (because my product is at early stages and there is no need for creating a feature branch for now). My remote repository is at github and I am the only person that I am working on the project, so there is no parallel modifications of master branch.

Then I write some code, and after all tests of what I am coding are green, I commit to my local repository and to github using egit. No problem all changes are pushed to github, but sometimes, don't know exactly why because I "theory" (or at least for me is what it seems) egit (in fact git) does not allow me to push the changes claiming that master:master [rejected] error. In push to window I put as source ref and dest ref the [master] branch and I add "all branches spec". Of course in this cases I have to pull from remote and merge code and then recommit again. I understand the theory of why this happens current branch is behind remote branch, but why this happens if I am the only who are modifying the code in a linear way?

It works in most cases but why sometimes this error happens? I could understand if we were a team of developers pushing to same github account, but this is not the case.

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possible duplicate of eclipse and github: master: master rejected? –  CharlesB Jun 20 '12 at 8:25
Thanks Charles yes I have already read this and with fetch and merge the problem normally disappear (not always sometimes I have reset local master branch with remote master branch), but my question is how I have arrived at this situation. See that in post is noted that The reason your change is rejected is that the current master on Github does not appear anywhere in the history of your master branch. But how this could happens if I am the only developer and I am always committing changes and then pushing to github? How github branch could be more advanced than local? –  user1301588 Jun 20 '12 at 8:37
you need more details about the error. you should run git push from the original git distribution, egit isn't giving enough information –  CharlesB Jun 20 '12 at 8:38

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This can happen, if you do rebases or resets on your master branch. These operations change the history of a branch, so that the tip of the github master branch is no longer in the line of your local master branch. Thus you get the "rejected" error messages.

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