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I am simplifying my question:

When I route all my .aspx pages on my web app root the following way in global.asax:

routes.MapPageRoute("RootPages", "{file}", "~/{file}.aspx");

it all works fine as far as the routing goes, but none of my requiredfieldvalidators are firing anymore, it just does a full postback without validating my fields. When I remove the above code from the validators work again.

Can someone please verify if they are getting the same problem, or am I doing something wrong?

*When you test this please make sure you do a hard refresh (CTRL-F5) on your browser screen after you add or remove the code. BTW I have tested this on IE, FireFox and Chrome, they all behave the same way.

Thank you,

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Can someone please try the above and see if you are getting the same results? Why does the requiredfieldvalidator stops working when I have the above piece of code in my global.asax? Thanks, –  user1468225 Jun 23 '12 at 2:40

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The answer it in this piece of code that needs to be added to the global.aspx:


please refer to this article for more details:


I hope this may help someone, I'd spent over too days scratching my head over this.

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