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Let's assume that I have a class like this:

public Class FooBar {
  String foo;
  String bar;
  String unvisibleField;
  String id;

Then I have created a table using DefaultTableModel and adding elements to it like this (I am not showing all attributes of the class to the user):

for(int i=0;i<fooBarList.size();i++){
  model.addRow(new String[]{fooBarList.get(i).getFoo(), fooBarList.get(i).getBar()});

But I want to retrieve the FooBar class object from the table. Something like this:

model.getRow() will return a FooBar object So probably I will also need something like

model.addRow(FooBar item)
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If you're absolutely sure you'll only be returning FooBar object you just have to cast the objectsof the model into FooBar

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