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jQuery "Toggle" function question.

Can toggle open initiated by mouseover and close by mouseout, but not by a click...

The current situation is here :

How to make it open and close by mouseover and mouseout ?

js as below :

$(function () { 
// Stack initialize
var openspeed = 300;
var closespeed = 100;
    var vertical = 0;
    var horizontal = 0;
    var $el=$(this);
        $(this).animate({top: '-' + vertical + 'px', left: horizontal + 'px'}, openspeed);
        vertical = vertical + 55;
        horizontal = (horizontal+.75)*2;
    ${top: '-50px', left: '10px'}, openspeed).addClass('openStack')
       .find('li a>img').animate({width: '50px', marginLeft: '9px'}, openspeed);
    $el.animate({paddingTop: '0'});
}, function(){
    //reverse above
    var $el=$(this);
    $'openStack').children('li').animate({top: '55px', left: '-10px'}, closespeed);
    $'li a>img').animate({width: '79px', marginLeft: '0'}, closespeed);
    $el.animate({paddingTop: '35px'});
// Stacks additional animation
$('.stack li a').hover(function(){
    $("img",this).animate({width: '56px'}, 100);
    $("span",this).animate({marginRight: '10px'});
    $("img",this).animate({width: '50px'}, 100);
    $("span",this).animate({marginRight: '0'});


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Then use hover() instead of toggle()... – elclanrs Jun 20 '12 at 6:21

Instead of .toggle, use .hover function. ex,

$('.stack>img').hover(function() {
    //previos was togle
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