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Do you know how to use ABPersonView on Mac?

I loaded people list in my address book on mac.

But I don't know how to show person detail view to use 'Address Book Person View'.

Can't use 'Address Book Person View' for mac application?

os x : 10.7.4 xcode : 4.3.3

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I solve this myself.

  • drag 'Address Book Person View' to container view.
  • maybe 'Address Book Person View' changed to 'custom view' on container view.
  • select 'custom view' in xib, and force change 'NSView' to 'ABPersonView' in class field in identity inspector
  • force change 'custom view' to 'ABPersonView' in code and 'custom view' class.
  • force import <AddressBook/ABPersonView.h>
  • use this:

ABAddressBook* kAddressBook = [ABAddressBook addressBook];
ABPerson* kPerson = [kAddressBook.people objectAtIndex:row];
[personView setPerson:kPerson];
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the class in 107/108 has a bug with selecting a contact. it doesnt scroll to it so its often not visible

just a heads up:


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