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Can I have the following config in route/index.js ?

exports.PageA = function(req, res) {
    if(req.method == 'GET') {
        if (condition1) {
            //PageA has 2 .js files
            res.render('PageA', { title: 'A', layout: false});
        else {
            //PageB has 2 + 2 .js files
            res.render('PageB', { title: 'B', layout: false});
    else {
        res.render('PageC', { title: 'B', layout:'some_other_layout' });

Case: mywebsite.com/PageA renders correctly when condition1 passes (with all scripts loaded and executed correctly)

Issue : But when condition1 fails, I get PageB rendered, javascripts in PageB.ejs are rendered but not executed, say, on $document.Ready(). Strangely if I 'Refresh' the already rendered PageB in browser, javascripts are then executed correctly.

As a piece of info: I use defer="defer" tag in all "< script >..."

What am I missing here?

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Thanks @Vadim Baryshev, It seems it was JQueryMobile that was creating nuisance. This is known and expected behavior of JQMobile link –  dmodulus Jun 21 '12 at 2:54
As a solution, I will proceed by having +2 scripts content put inside <script></script> within <div data-role="content"> of PageB –  dmodulus Jun 21 '12 at 2:59

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Your problem is entirely on the client side. Attribute "defer" supported only in Internet Explorer and Firefox at this moment. I think your problem is that the scripts are loaded in the wrong sequence. Check your browser console for errors. When you re-load a page, the scripts are loaded from the browser cache. It's faster. Therefore, the error may not appear in this situation.

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