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i have a hosting space in vps. where numerous domains are parked. my domain name is it is present in c:\uname\ inside the folder there is default.aspx file. when I type in the url as i can see default.aspx page. if i replace with any other page index.jsp i will get the error thrown by IIS server. so, I installed tomcat, java and deployed war file. I have even made changes in server.xml in tag specifing the host name too... how can i redirect the incoming requests to tomcat server? please guide me in it

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You need to install a connector. I would try BonCode:

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The standard way is to go to, and download the ISAPI redirector. This communicates via AJP and you can set it up to redirect various urls to tomcat.

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The boncode does look an interesting alternative. – MJB Jul 17 '12 at 2:55

Http default use port 80 for connection

One network port(in this case is TCP80 or the{port}) on each IP can only listening by one application.

Yours are currently listening by the IIS, first you need to do is check what port is listening by the tomcat (refer here)

Then you should try to browse{port in tomcat server.xml} and see if you can view the tomcat welcome page correctly or not, or your application.

After verified the tomcat is working, you can decide change the tomcat port number to whatever you want, make sure IIS is shutdown if you want to run it on 80

Another option is install apache on port 80 as a proxy to connect the tomcat port 8080, this will provide for security and flexibility if you need to extend your infrastructure in the future.

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