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I've tried some codes like

string s = "this is example";
txt1TextBlock.Text = Thread.CurrentCulture.TextInfo.ToTitleCase(s);

But it seems that WP7 Silverlight it is different..

is there any way to do that?


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Try the following,

String s = "this is example";
string result = "";
string[] words = s.Split(' ');
for (int i = 0, l = words.Length; i < l; ++i)
     result = result + words[i][0].ToString().ToUpper() + words[i].Substring(1) + " ";
MessageBox.Show("Old Value: "+s+" New Value: "+result);
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thanks for your answer, but I recommend words[i].Substring(1).ToLower() as we don't guarantee that the original sentence is written in a lower case. –  Hamzeh Soboh Jun 25 '12 at 10:57

As we don't have Split method in String class for Silverlight windows phone.. You should use the basic string functions like SubString(),Append(), Replace(),ToUpper() and ToLower()..

Please refer the following tutorial..


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