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It is possible to register one type to multiple interfaces?

I have class that implement two interfaces

MyService : IService1, IServier2 {}

I would like to register this type for both interfaces.

container.RegisterType<IService1, MyService>(CreateLifetime());
container.RegisterType<IService2, MyService>(CreateLifetime());

Unfortunately during after resolving I have two different instances. I tried use common lifetime but then I got message that I can't.

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Similar question. If you use a ContainerControlledLifetimeManager it is sufficient to register the first mapping IService1 -> MyService with that lifetime. –  Sebastian Weber Jun 20 '12 at 8:46

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I usually write this:

      .RegisterType<IService1, MyService>()
      .RegisterType<IService2, MyService>();

Of course with a TransientLifetimeManager, you still will get two different instances of MyService.

The code above works with PerResolveLifetimeManager, PerResolveLifetimeManager, PerThreadLifetimeManager.

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It also works with HierarchicalLifetimeManager. –  Alexander Vasilyev May 5 at 13:44

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