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We're in the process of selecting a deployment strategy for an application. ClickOnce provides substantial benefits, but I can't find any data indicating how well it scales to a large user base.

So my question is basically: Is there any information on this, or does anyone have any ballpark experience on deployment performance through ClickOnce? For example: Would it be reasonable to expect 1,000 near-simultaneous users to overwhelm a modest (entry-level) windows 2008 server hosting the ClickOnce package on a network share (a 10Mb application, for example)?

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This isn't a ClickOnce question. You just want to know how Windows 2008 server will perform when serving up 10MB of files to 1000 users. It matters very little if they are ClickOnce files, msi files, or text files. For a question like that, you may want to give ServerFault a try.

If you choose ClickOnce, make sure you look at compressing the deployment files.

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We use ClickOnce deployment for our desktop application and Office add-ins, and we have thousands of users. We do host ours on the Akamai CDN for the speediest performance we can get. Note that you can also host it in Azure Blob Storage for very little cost and that should definitely be able to handle a high volume of customers.

(We don't use http compression, so I can't speak to that.)

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