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Please can some one explain the javacv method for the pyrDown() method. I'm trying to convert opencv code in to javacv in there i found this method. This is the code segment

51    Mat pyr, timg, gray0(image.size(), CV_8U), gray;
53    // down-scale and upscale the image to filter out the noise
54    pyrDown(image, pyr, Size(image.cols/2, image.rows/2));

Please can some one explain this.

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You can do this like this

CvSize sz = cvSize(src.width() & -2, src.height() & -2);

and the work that you trying to do is already done so I believe this could be great help to provide that javacv code for the square detection. this is the link.

try to go through this.

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Ohh thank you very much on your quick reply actually it is great help to understand that opencv code. – SL_User Jun 20 '12 at 8:48

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