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I know there has to be a way:

I need help getting any hot excel module/trick/script/macro that would look at a range of IPs and give me the next address up? e.g. ( --> (

Not sure i need sub nets, but will throw it out there as well. ( --> (

I bet is has to be done with vbscript and quick and dirty tutorials on how to implement this would be stellar

Thanks in advance~


excel column D has which was manually entered

excel column E should have

I want to avoid someone manually entering that

what is the best way to accomplish this?

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Bear in mind that .0 is the network address and .255 is the broadcast address so you probably don't want to exclude them... – Ken Keenan Jul 10 '09 at 20:01
I will try and get more detail on what exactly I am attempting to do... My question is a little cryptic.. – BigBlondeViking Jul 10 '09 at 20:23

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you need to split your ip address in blocks

Dim ip As String
Dim ip_addr() As String
Dim ip_next As String
ip = ""

ip_addr = Split(ip, ".")

ip_next = ip_addr(0) & "." & ip_addr(1) & "." & ip_addr(2) & "." & Trim(Str(Val(ip_addr(3) + 1)))

This does not account subnets however, this is much trickier to implement because you need bitmasks. If you stick to multiples of 8 bits masks this shouldn't be too complicated to handle.

8 bits masks range from 1-255 for each block.

Just check if

Val(ip_addr(3) + 1))) > 255

then handle it properly


to read data from a cell in excel simply change

ip = ""


ip = Range("B1")
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Between this, and looking and finding this link I was able to write the function: – BigBlondeViking Jul 10 '09 at 21:29

I don't know what you want to do with such a list, but don't forget that some of the values are particular ones.

You'd better have a look at to get more information on that.

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Based off the help from Eric: and an Article I found here is the answer:

Function GetNextIP(text As Variant)

Dim ip As String
Dim ip_addr() As String
Dim ip_next As String
ip = text

ip_addr = Split(ip, ".")

ip_next = Trim(Str(Val(ip_addr(3) + 1)))

If ip_next = 256 Then
    ip_next = 0
End If

GetNextIP = ip_addr(0) & "." & ip_addr(1) & "." & ip_addr(2) & "." & ip_next

End Function
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