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I have a big XML which contains around 300 elements. I need to modify 2 or 3 elements in this xml using Java. I don't want to go for conventional marshalling and unmarshalling as it involves the parsing of the whole XML. How is XPath/XSLT manipulation? I know that I can easily read the data but i need to modify the same and put in back in the same XML. The primary concern here is performance. Kindly advise

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Using XPath/XSLT means that you load the whole document into memory before you start to transform it. If that is a problem (e.g. document too big for memory), then you need to use another solution. That said, 300 elements doesn't sound very "big".

One alternative would be to use a StAX parser to find and change the target elements. Take a look at Is there a way to build a StAX filter chain?

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It sounds like XSLT might be too heavyweight for this problem. You want to rewrite a file slightly. If you can describe each change easily (for example, you want to remove the "foo" attribute on the "bar" element), consider applying a regular expression substitution. Something like this:

String fileContents = ...

fileContents.replaceAll("<bar foo=\"\\w+\"", "<bar");

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