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Im having problems with displaying ONLY some elements ONLY on print page. For example i have a page, where users can see print preview (simple javascript). On that print page im showing just some elements from page (not all of them), using for that:

@media print {
  .noPrint {

Now when i apply .noPrint to an element, it will not be showned in print page. But, how it is possible to create for example div on a page, that will be vissible on "print page" but not on regular page.

Is this enough, and supported by most browsers?

@media screen, projection, tv {

 .dontShowThis {

And now if i want to show element on print page but not on regular page i will do this

<div class="dontShowThis printIt">Some content goes here</div>


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I did somthing similar a while ago, this is how I did it:

@media screen

@media print

<div class="noScreen">Some content goes here</div>

AFAIK this is supported by all major browsers, even IE9 started to support it.

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