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I decided to use LXDE as my Desktop Environment, and I am very happy. The only problem are the keybindings, they don't work for me. I want to open an xterm by pressing CTRL+ALT+x, so i editet the ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml. I added the following entry:

304     <keybind key="C-A-x">
305         <action name="xterm">
306             <command>xterm -fg green -bg black</command>
307         </action>
308     </keybind>

After that I typed:

openbox --reconfigure

But the Key-Binding doesn't work :(

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There's no such action as "xterm", so you want to replace <action name="xterm"> with <action name="command">. This makes it so that Openbox/LXDE knows you want to execute the command you have on the next line. Here is a full list of all actions you can use in Openbox (Openbox is the default window manager for LXDE):


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The action name is not just a name that you give it, but a predefined action. See the documentation for details, but to run a command you need to change the action name to 'Execute'

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