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Today I discovered selenium so I am eager to put it to use.

I was just writing a script for a webpage of a web based game, and I can store the text in a table I want to by putting the exact Xpath, but I would like to store it based off the ID name of the tag before it in this example the ID being credits.

Here is the web page code.

<table class="no_back" align="center">
            <th id="credits" style="background-color: transparent;">
            <th id="board">
            <th>0 New</th>

So 41 would be the value I want to store, I can access the credits ID simple enough using:


But when I try to put the /th[2] or such it wont work. I am very new to the whole Xpath thing also so any pointers would be great.

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To select particular node you can use


for siblings and preceding-siblings.

First I navigate to the table with @class="header_completed". From there I select the first following sibling table with @align="center". From there I select all preceding sibling tables that have a preceding sibling which is the table with @class="header_completed".

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I am so stupid...

I found it by looking into xpath rather than Selenium.


This is the code I used, sorry for wasting anyone's time.

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