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I have a listview with a list of network printer share names i.e. \\server\printer1.pcl5 If I try to convert the listview.selecteditems.tostring() it adds other data around the string so does not work, also the printer shares in c# need additional \\ to resolve the name.

2 questions really, how do I convert \\server\\printer1.pcl5 to \\\\server\\printer1.pcl5 when double clicking on the listview item

then how to I insert that into the addwindowsprinterconnection bit where SHAREDPRINTERNAMEGOESHERE? as it does not convert to a string properly from a listviewitem it stores it as "ListViewItem {\\server\printer1.pcl5}"

private void ListView1_DoubleClick(object sender, EventArgs e)

        foreach (ListViewItem item in listView1.SelectedItems)

            WshNetwork objNetwork = new WshNetwork();
            objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection("SHAREDPRINTERNAMEGOESHERE", "HPLJ4100", "\\\\SERVER\\main printer");
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How are you trying to get value of the selected item? This WILL NOT work:


What the above code is doing is getting the fully qualified name of the type of the Object, which in this case is a collection of ListViewItems.

To get the actual value of the selected item you'll have to go:

string printerShareName = listView1.SelectedItems[0].Text;

Keeping in mind that if you have MultiSelect switched on, the above code will only get the 1st item of the selection.


Then if you want to add your printer with the additional backslashes prefixed:

objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection("SHAREDPRINTERNAMEGOESHERE", "HPLJ4100", "\\" + printerShareName);
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That great thanks (multiselect off), it seems to map the printer even though im only entering it with the single backslashes too which is good –  meeeeeeeeee Jun 20 '12 at 10:35

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