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I would like to adopt sample, well-known demo in JFreeChart showing memory consumption :

I don't want it to be initially stretched between both ends of the plot and when the maximumItemAge is reached begin to "scroll".
I want the time range to be of the constant width, and the measurements representation starting with the left side left blank, filling the plot from the right.

Scrolling after filling-up the whole plot (free.setMaximumItemAge(MAXIMUM_AGE);) is perfectly fine with me.

I've already tried bunch of staff involving setRange(.., ..) and setAutoRange(false).
Seems it's more tricky as the TimeSeries are used

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You just need to add the following line: domain.setFixedAutoRange(MAXIMUM_AGE);

That will fill your plot from the right and scroll when it's full.

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Thanks a lot. Works brilliantly – vucalur Jun 20 '12 at 15:39

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