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I converted a 2D>3D video using a popular software and in the option I chose SBS. Conversion was ok but when I play the video in the LG 3D smartphone with Android it is shown like 2 pictures sidebyside in 3D and the player fails to converge the 2 pictures in one.

Does anyone have some suggestion? It seems that is missing a flag to make the smartphone reading correctly the video or...

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Solved! The problems were more than one 1-updated to latest SDK 2-modified the project target to specific LG add on library 3-Add in the manifest

<uses-library android:name="com.lge.real3d" android:required="true"/>

4-in the activity had to be set some code for Real3D you can find in the Real 3D specification guide provided by LG with the add-on

Be carefull to set the correct API, I suggest to use API 8 2.2.2 instead of API 10 and set in the manifest android:minSdkVersion="8"

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