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The following line:

string cellData = d.XPathSelectElement(cellSelector).Value;

Throws an exception stating "The XPath expression evaluated to unexpected type System.Double."

The CellSelector contains: "./Units * ./product/Cost"

The Data in XElement d is:

    <ProductName>Car Cleaning</ProductName>

In this example, I need the output of that line to be "52.04" and even more ideally, I'd love it to be "£ 52.04".

What would the XPathExpression have to look like to accomplish that?

I tried changing the expression to "String(./Units * ./product/Cost)" but that generates the exception "The XPath expression evaluated to unexpected type System.String." which I would expect to have worked.

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XPathEvaluate seems to be what you want:

var cellData = xml.XPathEvaluate("./Units * ./product/Cost");
cellData = string.Format("£ {0}", cellData);
// result: cellData == "£ 52,04"
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XPathSelectElement(expr) expects the result of evaluation of the XPath expression expr to be an element (as the name of the method shows).

In your case you need to use another method, that allows any XPath expression (not only an expression selecting an element) as argument.

XPathEvaluate() is such a method.

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