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I have this class which i would like to map:

public class Contract
        public virtual IList<Right> RightsSystem1 { get; set; }
        public virtual IList<Right> RightsSystem2 { get; set; }

With mapping:

HasManyToMany(c => c.RightsSystem1).Not.LazyLoad();
HasManyToMany(c => c.RightsSystem2).Not.LazyLoad();

Where Right is another mapped class which represents certain rights two diffrent systems have (it can be like "GetPartStockQuantity" or "GetOrderStatus").

The problem im having is that when i add one right to each of the two lists and then getting them with NHibernate both of the lists have two items (which are the two i added seperately).

How can i solve this?

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both manytomany default to the same table and column names. you need to specify them explicitly:

HasManyToMany(c => c.RightsSystem1).Table("FooRights").Not.LazyLoad();
HasManyToMany(c => c.RightsSystem2).Table("BarRights").Not.LazyLoad();

HasManyToMany(c => c.RightsSystem1).ChildKeyColumn("FooRight_id").Not.LazyLoad();
HasManyToMany(c => c.RightsSystem2).ChildKeyColumn("BarRight_id").Not.LazyLoad();
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