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Can any one give me java code to the below emulator images needs?

enter image description here

The above emulator image is just getting the input from the user and showing the answer in the edittext of the same page.But i need to show that answer on the Tabhost ( which wants to be on the next page ) like the below image..

enter image description here

Thanks a lot!..

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am I the only one that did not understand the question? –  Ovidiu Latcu Jun 20 '12 at 11:20
Ovidiu Latcu Plz visit my question again,i've demanded my needs to you. –  Rohith Jun 20 '12 at 11:35

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How you start the next TabActivity?

When you create Intent for starting YourTabActivity you can put answer in this Intent like:

final Intent intent = new Intent(getBaseContext(), YourTabActivity.class);
intent.putExtra("answer", answer);

In your FirstActivity in onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) method you can get your answer, like:

final double answer = getParent().getIntent().getDoubleExtra("answer", 0);

or, if your answer put as String:

final double answer = getParent().getIntent().getStringExtra("answer");

When you get your answer you can insert it anywhere in layout of that activity.

For sending primitive and serializeable data between Atstivites use Intent.putExtra()

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Put the data from the first Activity on the Intent you are using to start your TabActivity. This is really basic Android stuff, so please look at some tutorials first : Android Intents.

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Ovidiu Latcu Actually my first page is going to get the input from the user and perform consuming the webservice and returns the appropriate value as per the user input,my need is to show that resultant value on the first tab of a tabhost. –  Rohith Jun 20 '12 at 11:46
Ovidiu Latcu I've used the intent concept but it just showing the answers on another page not in the form of tabhost...thats y i am asking u the code –  Rohith Jun 20 '12 at 11:49
As per my knowledge i googled shared preference is recommanded,can you tell how to work with shared preferences on tabhost –  Rohith Jun 20 '12 at 11:52

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