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I have a domain class DefectData as follows

class DefectData {
String taskId
String defectId
String defectSummary
String severity
String phaseDetected
String rejected
String loggedBy
String howFound
Date dateFound 
String defectType
String defectCause
ProgressData progressData
def DefectData(){}

static constraints = {
    id generator:"assigned",name:"defectId"

static belongsTo=[taskId:ProgressData]
static namedQueries={
    getDefectDataByYearMonth{int month,int year ->
    def plannedDate=Date.parse("mm-yy","${month} - ${year}")

I am trying this sort of query, which would enable me to get the count of the defects of which were detected in the "Testing" phase.

 def testingDefects(int month,int year){
    println countTestingDefects

Though, I am getting this error, that the date is unparseable


Unparsable date "3-12". I just want to list the records on the basis of the month and the year.

What could be the issue?

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Just throw away your spaces

def (month,year) = [2,2012]

works for me

Give a try to  Joda-Time if you need more control and ease about date parsing

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