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I have a mobile app that accesses a server running a Rails 3.x app. The data is exchanged in JSON format.

I have a rather complicated issue, that I going to try and simplify here.

In one scenario, the mobile app posts a new sale record to the database which includes an update to an existing order record. To achieve this as a single HTTP request, it passes the order record attributes update as part of the new sale record via nested attributes.

The Rails model for Sales includes the following:

attr_accessible :product_id, :order_id, :order_attributes
accepts_nested_attributes_for :order, :update_only => true

The Rails routings are standard.

As the http request to post the sale will create a new record (i.e. it does not include an existing sale_id), I use HTTP POST.

I can post a new sale record (without the order record update) just fine.

However, when I include the nested attributes to update the order record, I get 404 'not found'.

I suspect that this is because the nested update of the existing order includes an 'id' and therefore should actually be a PUT (to route correctly).

To help diagnose the issue, I've tried changing existing working non-nested POSTs of sales (that don't include an id) to be PUT requests, and in that case, it does break the functionality, and I do get a 404. This suggests to me that the server would indeed report PUT/POST confusion as a 404.

To be clear I can successfully post updates using nested attributes in other circumstances using the same code, so I'm confident that it's not the actual attribute encoding that is the problem.

I'd appreciate thoughts on whether this could be the issue, and if so what I can do about it.

Thank you.

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That's relatively old Rails issue. Check it issue for details – dimuch Jun 20 '12 at 12:04
Thanks for that. That's weird, and it leaves me scratching my head as to when nested attributes would actually work / be used. – Snips Jun 20 '12 at 16:48

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