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I am looking to match some standard strings like dates, SSN, IP addresses etc. Is there a free online repository of regular expressions to match some of these commonly used strings?

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RegexLib.com has a fair amount of user contributed regex's for common and uncommon things. They also have a tester for you to plug them in.

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I just found regular-expressions.info which seems to have what you want...

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If Perl doesn't scare you, you could do worse than perusing the Regexp::Common module on CPAN.

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Regex Coach is a great free tool that I have found to be very helpful

...and a good Cheat Sheet for your reference

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I made a post on SO a few days ago related to regex practice and kindof extended it to resources, there are a few useful resources there, mostly what other people mentioned already. not exactly what u asked for but just thot i'd throw it out there.

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