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I've created a button to delete selected row from the database.

My problem is to delete the correct row. I want to delete the row which contains 231 in the identity column, even though its located as the first row of my DB.

myDataSet.Tables["myTable"].Rows[**here I want to address the identity nr from column 1.**].Delete();
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You're going to need to use the DataTable.Select method as described here on MSDN to get that one row you need to delete.

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Try This :

string del = "DELETE From TableName Where ColumnName =@ColumnName";
        SqlDataAdapter a = new SqlDataAdapter(del, strinconnection);
        a.SelectCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ColumnName", TheValue);
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Try this:

myDataSet.Tables["myTable"].Select("ID = 231").FirstOrDefault().Delete();

Be sure to have "using System.Linq;" at the top of the file.

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Tryed to use this, but the row did not get deleted: OppdragDataSet.Tables["OppdragTable"].Select("ordreID = "+ordreID).FirstOrDefault().Delete(); –  MrHaga Jun 20 '12 at 13:00

I tryed experimenting with the diffirent solutions, but here is the one that I managed to work. Im a beginner in programming overall, so maybe not the best solution, but it does what I want it to do.

SqlCeCommand myCmd = new SqlCeCommand("DELETE From myTable Where ordreID ="+myInt, myConnection); myCmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
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