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I use Scintilla component with DScintilla wrapper and get error with keyword highlighting in any lexer. Pascal, for example:

with DScintilla do 
  StyleSetFore(SCE_PAS_WORD, clGreen);
  StyleSetFore(SCE_PAS_OPERATOR, clRed);;
  StyleSetFore(SCE_PAS_IDENTIFIER, clBlue);
  SetText('begin a+b; end');

This code correctly highlights identifiers and operators, but keywords have the same color as identifiers. It seems that SciLexer can't compare strings inside this library.

How to properly setup Scintilla keyword highlighting ?

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No, SCE_PAS_WORD means keyword. For haskell a constant SCE_HA_KEYWORD is defined, but also doesn't work –  user1374768 Jun 20 '12 at 13:25

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Keywords must be added manually.

SetKeyWords(0,'begin end');
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This helps though, but it would lose the meaning of the lexer itself, see e.g. into the pascal.properties, the keywords are already specified there (but don't know if included in the lexer binary). –  TLama Jun 20 '12 at 14:10

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