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I'm developing an app that plays lots of small mp3 files. The mp3's are deployed to App Engine as part of the Java project, & played with GWT-voices via SoundController.createSound() which takes a URL.

2 problems:

  1. Is there a limit on the amount of media I can deploy in this way? I'm intending to use 100's of small mp3's per app.

  2. I need to edit the MP3 pool without having to redeploy the entire program & media. I should really be using datastore in some form? How would that work? GWT-voices requires URLs, but from what I can see datastore doesn't deal with URLs?

Also, is there any (non-text) equivalent to ExternalTextResources (in a ClientBundle), to enable client-bundling of sound files with external caching?

Thanks for any ideas on this.

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