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The background should be transparent, but the text should not.

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How about elaborating on that is meant by 'Enso' ? –  Kev Sep 21 '08 at 15:25
try humanized.com/enso_demo.php –  Sklivvz Sep 21 '08 at 15:32

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Enso is open source too.

You can directly peek at they source code.


Let us know how they do it when you find out!.


It looks like they use something called Cairo. If you can link it from C# you're done.

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By making an "Enso style" application you mean the Enso launcher?

Here is a screenshot of it: alt text

I would suggest at looking at the open-source C# Cropper application. He does a similar looking GUI with transparent background. You can open up his project and see how he implements it.

alt text

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You can set the background color, and transparency key properties to the same color and that will make the background transparent. The rest of the control items will stay non-transparent, as long as they are different colors.

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