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I use this class to parse a .css file. https://github.com/sabberworm/PHP-CSS-Parser I thought it's easy but this class is complicated and I'm completly green in object oriented programing, so I have a problem.

(...) including all class files etc.

$oParser = new CSSParser(file_get_contents('files/sample.css'));
$oDoc = $oParser->parse();

foreach($selectors as $selektor=> $val)
    echo "<h3>$selektor</h3>";

        foreach($tmp as $nazwa => $attrib)
        $wartosc= $attrib->getValue();
        echo "<br>$nazwa:$wartosc;";            

this code will output something like this



it's almost ok but I want selectors names (eg div #someid) instead of index of current css block.Have any idea how to get those?

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Use echo "<h3>".implode(', ' $w)."</h3>".

The reason is as follows: $val represents a declaration block which is a rule set with several comma-separated selectors (The key $selektor only contains the index of the declaration block which is completely arbitrary for most usages). To get the selectors, use $val->getSelectors() (which you did). This will get you an array of all selectors.

The declaration block:

h1, h2 { value: 1; }

will thus be parsed into a CSSDeclarationBlock object with the selector array ['h1', 'h2']. To get back the selectors as they were originally defined, use implode.

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Wow help from the Author:) I love stackoverflow: > thanks:) –  Marcin Mierzejewski Jun 21 '12 at 10:27
You’re welcome. I only found this because I have a Google Search Alert for „sabberworm“… –  Raphael Schweikert Jun 21 '12 at 10:37

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