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Hi good day I need an advice on how to optimize a script that I am using multiple Coda bubble “jqueryfordesigners.com/coda-popup-bubbles” I am using the bubble on a map so when they hover on the part of the map it would pop up and show the statistic of the area. The problem each bubble needs a uniquie info.css({ top: 0, left: 0, display: 'block' here is the script: (I have 40 divs so it would be .con1 .con2 .con3 etc. each has different top and left position is there a way I could optimize the script so I would not repeat the script 40x changing .con1 ex. con1 to .con2 and css top:40 to top:30 left-130 to 40 and so on)

$(function () {
    $('.con1').each(function () {
        var distance = 40;
        var time = 250;
        var hideDelay = 300;

        var hideDelayTimer = null;

        var beingShown = false;
        var shown = false;
        var trigger = $('.trigger', this);
        var info = $('.popup', this).css('opacity', 0);

        $([trigger.get(0), info.get(0)]).mouseover(function () {
            if (hideDelayTimer) clearTimeout(hideDelayTimer);
            if (beingShown || shown) {
                // don't trigger the animation again
            } else {
                // reset position of info box
                beingShown = true;

                    top: 40,
                    left: -130,
                    display: 'block'
                    top: '-=' + distance + 'px',
                    opacity: 1
                }, time, 'swing', function() {
                    beingShown = false;
                    shown = true;

            return false;
        }).mouseout(function () {
            if (hideDelayTimer) clearTimeout(hideDelayTimer);
            hideDelayTimer = setTimeout(function () {
                hideDelayTimer = null;
                    top: '-=' + distance + 'px',
                    opacity: 0
                }, time, 'swing', function () {
                    shown = false;
                    info.css('display', 'none');

            }, hideDelay);

            return false;


here is the code on the divs (I have 40 divs like this ex. each with different position)

 <div class="con1">
 <div><img src="images/map/green/1.gif" id="download" usemap="#Map1" />
 <map name="Map1" >
 <area shape="poly" coords="36,90,56,79,51,72,49,61,45,51,47,47,51,47,56,50,63,41,60,28,62,18,58,14,61,9,67,17,80,16,112,25,128,19,99,8,81,8,75,11,68,9,63,2,54,1,55,9,30,25,24,9,3,24,6,55,10,67" href="#null" class="trigger" />
 <table id="dpop" class="popup">
 <td id="topleft" class="corner"></td>
 <td class="top"></td>
 <td id="topright" class="corner"></td>
 <td class="left"></td>
 <td style="background:white"><table class="popup-contents">
 <tbody><tr>Region 1</tr>
 <tr id="release-notes">
 <th>Read the Profile</th>
 <td><a title="Profile" href="#">Profile</a></td>
 <td class="right"></td>    
 <td class="corner" id="bottomleft"></td>
 <td class="bottom"><img width="30" height="29" alt="popup tail" src="images/buble/bubble-tail2.png"/></td>
 <td id="bottomright" class="corner"></td>

Many thanks Guys

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whathaveyoutried.com ? –  odiszapc Jun 20 '12 at 13:34
Im trying to achieve something like this one [link]npr.org/news/specials/election2008/2008-election-map.html#/… when you hover on the state you get a bubble popup but on my end every state has a different position on the script thats why I need an advice on how can I do this more effeciently rather than having multiple script above with different position sorry if Im not clear about this thanks –  cooldude Jun 20 '12 at 13:40
I think you needed this kind of solution. See the qtip2 plugin demo for image maps here: craigsworks.com/projects/qtip2/demos/#imagemap –  Dexter Huinda Jun 20 '12 at 14:11
Thanks dexter I was thinking of using qtip2 the problem is I need the bubble to contain a div or table cause I'll be inserting some links and php code in it, I think qtip2 uses alt for the bubble content –  cooldude Jun 20 '12 at 14:43

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