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I know, when using OAuth you can catch the callback URL by having custom schema in ios.

Using the Salesforce template I can not find the custom schema - How du Salesforce know when using Salesforce Mobile SDK on iOS for bouth Native Apps and Hybrid?

Thanks in advance

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Once you have a custom URL for your app, you can specify an URL as oauth_callback in the request token step of the OAuth flow. That way Salesforce will know where to redirect to on the device. Say for example myappname://salesforce-callback which will intercept the oauth_verifier after the user has verified your request token.

To further clarify: once the user has authorized your request token by entering Salesforce username and password, a HTTP redirect response is formulated by them to the specified callback. If the callback redirect leads to a URL that maps to an app on the user's device; iOS intercepts it and passes it to the app.

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Thanks - the URL they use is "https://...", so no "appname://..." – Chris G. Jun 20 '12 at 19:16
Hmm, that depends on which version of OAuth you are trying to use to access them. OAuth1.0a or OAuth 2. The answer I gave should be possible with OAuth1.0a. – Jon Nylander Jun 20 '12 at 21:38

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