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As you know Samsung Galaxy Tab's (7.4") screen resolution is 1200x600 and dpi is 160 normally, but Samsung reports its density 240 dpi.

So, i created hdpi graphics for galaxy tab and put them in drawable-hdpi folder.

But i noticed that after install custom ICS rom to Galaxy Tab, galaxy tab starts to report its density 160 dpi. So it show mdpi graphics.

I wonder could i do something in my application to handle this special situation; because i know i replace drawable-mpdi graphics with drawable-hdpi graphics, lots of device will have problems with app, this time.

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If it is only for the situation explained above, you can use the "Platform Version" qualifier. (Refer to Providing Resources)

drawable-v14 for ICS and accordingly for other versions. You can also use drawable-hdpi-v14 for fine grained control.

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I take it you are talking about the GT-P1000, and it is the only exception to have HDPI density instead of MDPI for that size. I use drawable-large-HDPI for it next to a drawable-large-MDPI folder for all other similar sized tabs and thus have different resources for both.

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