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I wanted to ask if there is any good way to import many translation files to openerp server? I know I can import one file at a time by using administration menu. But that would take a lot of time.


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Hello I do understand your concern that is take lot of time and hang ui.

If you are technical Persona then look for the Server Parameter for Internationalization

OpenERP Internationalisation options :

    Use these options to translate OpenERP to another language.See i18n
    section of the user manual. Option '-d' is mandatory.Option '-l' is
    mandatory in case of importation

                        specifies the languages for the translations you want
                        to be loaded
    -l LANGUAGE, --language=LANGUAGE
                        specify the language of the translation file. Use it
                        with --i18n-export or --i18n-import
                        export all sentences to be translated to a CSV file, a
                        PO file or a TGZ archive and exit
                        import a CSV or a PO file with translations and exit.
                        The '-l' option is required.
    --i18n-overwrite    overwrites existing translation terms on updating a
                        module or importing a CSV or a PO file.
                        specify modules to export. Use in combination with

Hope this will fix your Point.

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Where should I use these options? Should I access some file from openerp server first? Simply using on terminal, doesn't do anything. Or I have to use it on postgresql? Thanks –  Andrius Jun 21 '12 at 8:42
when you start your server you have use this prams like $ ./openerp-server --addons=addons,web/addons --load=web -d db_name -l <langcode> --i18n-import=../../../de.po –  firebug Jun 21 '12 at 8:48

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