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TFS is my repository, CC.NET is my build server. If I delete a file in Visual Studio or the TFS Powertools (Windows Explorer extension), and check that delete in, I can be reasonably confident that the file will NOT be deleted off my build server. As a result, builds often fail because of conflicting files (especially renamed files).

Has anybody else witnessed this behaviour? Is there a way to ensure such changes are reflected on the build server?

Thanks; Duncan

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Although we do not use TFS as source control, we do use CC.Net. As part of our build process, we clear the workspace of all files (using a Nant task) and then force a refresh of the files from our SCM.

Sounds like this would fix your problem.

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I only delete files in the build-folder, but there's no reason why not to delete everything not in the root. Good call. –  Duncan Jun 21 '12 at 15:06

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