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On my MVC spring application I send a form to a page using post method to perform a search with some parameters. The results of the search is a list and, for every entry is possible to navigate to a details page. It works fine but, when an user try to come back to result page with back browser button (or a Javascript), I get an "Expire page" error. Refreshing the page, it rexecutes the post submit and it works fine.

To prevent this error I added

response.setHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache");

to the search controller and everything works fine with Safari and Firefox but I get the same "Expire page" error when I try to execute the web application with IE (8 and 9).

What's the right way to go to a detail page and come back without getting any error?

thanks for your time!

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The right way is to use GET instead of POST: searching is an idempotent operation which doesn't cause any change on the server, and such operations should be done with a GET.

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Not expiring a POST request seems to undermine the very idea of a POST:

Per RFC 2616, the POST method should be used for any context in which a request is non-idempotent: that is, it causes a change in server state each time it is performed, such as submitting a comment to a blog post or voting in an online poll.

Instead, I would restructure how you view the detail records, maybe with an overlay DIV that doesn't refresh the underlying page that shows the results. With many modern web apps, using the BACK button can cause issues with page flow.

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I understand your point of view and basically I'm agree but, in that case, I need to refactor a big part of application. Is there a way to resubmit the value every time I come back to my page? (I.e. storing the form parameters on session? With @ModelAttribute seems not be possible to do that – Andrea Girardi Jun 20 '12 at 14:19
If that's the case, your on-page back button shouldn't just go back 1 in the history; instead grab the params in your handler method and add them back in to the Model so that you can send them back to the JSP to be reused. The the back button can be a submit of the old form. – atrain Jun 20 '12 at 14:21

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