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I have a mysql query

Select * from tbl_schoolphotos where Filename like 
         'glasshouse_1_%' order by DateTaken

I would like to match

  • glasshouse_1_20122204123455
  • glasshouse_1_20122206102415

but not

  • glasshouse_18_20122206102415

but its matching all three. Anyone know why? Does _ have special meaning in mysql?

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Yes, the underscore is a wildcard that matches a single character. You can escape it with a \ (backslash) – Andrew Jun 20 '12 at 13:53
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The request must escape the underscore to work properly.

    Select * from tbl_schoolphotos where Filename like 
             'glasshouse\_1\_%' order by DateTaken

Info: The LIKE and NOT LIKE have two search helper symobls. The underscore _ character that looks for one character and the percentage % character that looks for zero or more characters.

And you don't want the underscore to be a search helper, you have to escape it with the \ like \_.

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Because the underscore matches any single character

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You can try escaping it with \`, like glasshouse\_1\_%` – ESG Jun 20 '12 at 13:54

Yes, _ in MySQL LIKE matches exactly one character.

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